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2 days ago | posted by GTI News
GTItv anticipates solar outages to occur March 2-March 10, 2015. The solar outages may cause picture freezing and fading....
posted by GTI News
Tune in March 1st to CNN and see fascinating new insights into the historical Jesus, utilizing the latest scientific techniques an...
posted by GTI News
For those of you who prefer electronic billing, electronic bill pay and practically live on the internet, GTI now has the ability ...
posted by GTI News
It has been brought to our attention that persons posing as "Microsoft Support" are placing calls to GTI customers stati...
posted by GTI News
GTI has implemented a new spam filter called Edgewave.  GTI email customers will now receive an alert from Edgewave indicatin...
posted by GTI News
Know who is calling before the phone rings!  GTItv displays Caller ID on your tv before the phone even rings.  Because w...
posted by GTI News
posted by GTI News
Easy File Backup Storage Options: 5GB, 50GB, 250GB Safe and Secure Remote File Access File Sharin...
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