Important Ransomware Info About Bad Rabbit

Important Ransomware Info About Bad Rabbit

Important Ransomware Information Regarding Bad Rabbit

The latest ransomware attack is underway and it has been dubbed Bad Rabbit. Computers can be affected when users visit websites infected with the ransomware code. The code will create a prompt to download an Adobe Flash Player Update. If you see such a prompt, do not click the install button.

If your computer is infected, you will likely lose access to your files. This is a particularly nasty strain of ransomware as the install prompt looks very legitimate. If you need to update your Flash Player, be sure to go directly to Adobe’s website.

Besides being wary of installing software based on website prompts, it is a good idea to ensure your computer’s software and operating system is always up-to-date, use a good virus protection program, and always make sure to back-up your files.

We are providing this information as a courtesy to all of our customers. Please take a minute to ensure that your systems are fully updated. If you have any questions or need assistance, call the office at 639.4841.
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