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internet_svcGrafton Technologies, Inc. (GTI) offers DSL service to both 62037 and 62052 zip codes, within service range of the company.  DSL is an acronym for Digital Subscriber Line.  DSL is an internet service that provides transmission of data over a traditional telephone land line.  DSL allows a customer to surf the internet while talking on the phone.  GTI provides DSL service to the home at an accurate speed, unlike a traditional cable company whose speed lessens as service gets to the end of the line.  For example, when a customer purchases GTI DSL service at a speed of 1MB, GTI can assure our customer that 1MB service is at the customer’s home.  Each DSL package includes an email address and spam filtering.


Among the speeds of DSL service, GTI offers the following. If you are interested in something faster, please call the office at 618.639.4841.


  • 5M download speed
  • 1MB upload speed (industry standard)


  • 10MB download speed
  • 1MB upload speed (industry standard)


  • 15M download speed
  • 1MB upload speed (industry standard)


  • 20MB download speed
  • 1MB upload speed (industry standard)



Each of these speeds represents the download speed.  GTI’s upload speed is industry standard at 1MB.  GTI provides 24/7 technical support to our DSL customers.  Further, GTI DSL is compatible with any retail wireless devices.  Technical support for wireless devices is provided by the wireless device manufacturer.

*Additional monthly modem rental fee of $1 per DSL account.

Contact GTI at 618.639.4841 for service availability and rates.

*Availability limited to serviceable areas.   See below for Rural areas.  Prices subject to change.  Payments always due on the 1st of the month.

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