GTI  provides customers with personalized options for home entertainment, including digital TV, Internet, and Home Phone. We enjoy personalizing services for Grafton and Jerseyville residents, bringing the best in telecommunications right to your home!

Digital TV

GTI provides digital TV that runs through your existing  phone lines. We strive to provide the best in entertainment by offering both standard and high-definition (HDTV) programming combined with local customer service.



GTI provides DSL to the Grafton and Jerseyville area.  We strive to provide state-of-the-art network that brings your internet experience to life.


Telephone Services

GTI provides local and long distance telephone service to the Grafton and Jerseyville area.  We are committed to provide the best in phone service for both local and long distance right here in YOUR hometown.


ViaSat Satellite

GTI is offering ViaSat Satellite Internet for our rural areas. This service is available only to those who are outside the DSL service area in both Grafton and Jerseyville.

Computer Repair

GTI is offering computer repair for desktop computers at a flat rate in our Jerseyville office at 301 Commerce Blvd.    This includes a complete reload, meaning the computer will be erased and configured to original settings at time of purchase.  We ask that all data, i.e. files, documents and pictures are saved before your computer is brought to us.  Repair is performed on a first come first served basis and could include a longer turn around time depending on parts shipment and/or volume in the service room.



From simple to sophisticated, we have a Carbonite solution for you. We’ve partnered with Carbonite to keep businesses running smoothly.  Whether it’s computer protection, server backup or both, you can easily find the solution that meets your needs.