GTI has been providing local telephone service and long distance for over the past 100 years.  While recent years have brought new and innovative developments in technology, the benefits of having a landline are alive and well.

With our affordable phone service you can count on the following:


A landline is accessible to anyone in the home who needs it. In an emergency, 911 calls made from landline phones are immediately traced to a specific address, which can save time in a crisis.


Because transmitting calls via fiber optic cable is more reliable than through a cell phone’s radio waves, a landline offers a more stable connection and clearer calls. Power outages rarely affect a landline, and users don’t have to worry as much about not getting a strong signal.


While cell phone calls can be intercepted, doing so on a landline requires access to the cable itself. Thus, landlines are more secure for discussing private information like financial accounts and medical records.


Ergonomically speaking, a landline handset can be more comfortable to hold and talk on. Its larger size and design makes it easier to hold between the ear and shoulder for those times when you need two hands but still want to chat.

 Low Cost

Landlines can be less expensive to own than cell phones, including equipment and monthly bills, depending on your plan and usage.*

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